Firefighters called to smoldering campfire
By Firefighter Asad Ba-Yunus
July 11, 2022

On Monday, July 11, members were dispatched to the Appalachian Trail near Dennytown Rd. after hikers discovered a smoldering campfire that had escaped the makeshift fire ring and caused a small brush fire, about 1 mile from the Dennytown parking area along the trail. It took the fire department several hours of searching for the site and putting water and foam about 1-2 ft. down in the ground. As there was no water source nearby, members had to carry in water and tools using the department’s all terrain vehicle and on foot to put out the fire and to prevent it from spreading into a larger brush fire in a very inaccessible area.

Reminder to all hikers: please do NOT start a campfire anywhere not designated for it. If you do setup a campfire, make sure you do douse it with plenty of water and ensure there is no smoldering material remaining, even underneath the top wet layer of soil.

Thanks go out to our mutual aid: PCSO, NYS Park Police, NYS Parks staff.