2020 Recognition Awards
By Deputy Chief Louie Luongo
November 2, 2020

5 Years JD Apostolico
Mike Burlingham
Thomas Faraone
Michael Gembecki
Patrick Gragert
Brian Keeler
Christina Policastro

10 Years Juan Garcia, Jr.
Jimmy Lutz
William Munoz

15 Years Andrew Wulkan

20 Years
Erik Mignano

30 Years Michael Moculski

35 Years Mark Backus

40 Years Joseph Piechocniski
Francine Tansey

45 Years Anthony Proetta, Sr.

55 Years Carl “Bo” Boehmig

Special Awards

Past Presidents Award
Larry Cobb Sr. President 2007- 2019

Leonard Wagner Award
Carl DeNisco III

John “Skip” Thomsen Award
Thomas Sawyer

All Members received a pin with the number of years of years as well as a Shirt. In addition 20 Year Members are classified as Life
Members and also received a watch.