Overturned Truck
By Financial Secretary Lois Rizzi
February 29, 2020

Today February 19, 2020 at approximately 12:15pm, members were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident involving a rollover tractor trailer on Sunset Hill Road.

When members arrived on scene they found a fully loaded tractor trailer carrying wood chips had overturned at the bottom on the hill. Members on scene provided first aid/medical attention to the driver, who is in stable condition at this time, and also facilitated traffic control to enable the removal of the vehicle. Sunset Hill Road was closed for a majority of the day as heavy haulage equipment was needed to upright and remove the vehicle as well as clean up of the scattered wood chips. At this time Sunset Hill has been reopened.

Members on scene were assisted by Putnam County Sheriff's Department, Garrison Volunteer Ambulance Corp., NYSDEC and Lisi's Towing, Automotive & Truck Repair for the removal of the truck.