PVVFD Firematic and Administrative Officers Elections
By Financial Secretary Lois Rizzi
December 13, 2018

Congratulations to the members elected to the following positions for 2019:

Firematic Officers

Chief: Larry Cobb Jr
1st Assistant Chief: Ken Rohrauer
2nd Assistant Chief: Frank DiMarco
Captain: Vito Rizzi
1st Lieutenant: Jason Cobb
2nd Lieutenant: Jimmy Lutz
2nd Lieutenant: JD Apostolico
2nd Lieutenant: Travis Gembecki

Fire Police Captain: Mario Peri
Fire Police 1st Lieutenant: Juan Garcia
Fire Police 2nd Lieutenant: Charlie Milo

Administrative Officers

President: Larry Cobb Sr
Vice-President: Sheryl Luongo
Treasurer: Michael Burlingham
Financial Secretary: Lois Rizzi
Recording Secretary: Anne Spoonhour

Board of Directors
Mark Backus
Derek Rooney
Eric Mignano
Shawn Keeler
Ed McCarthy
Frank Rush III
Greg Schiffer

Congratulations to all!